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the croon of the bassoon

bassoon all the time
my spouse plays bassoon
not just does he, but loves he
sublime overtones
Baby’s lullaby
low strains wafting in to her
from the living room
could he teach the kids?
bassoonists are uncommon
future scholorships
start 'em young

(That’s Isp five years ago)

Haiku Friday

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Winter Camp

Talk About TuesdayHello. My talk is on S’mores.

I’m not one to often make frivolous purchases for myself. For the Baby, okay, but not for me. However, my nice Mother-in-law gave me the funnest fun-in-a-box I’ve had for a long time, made even better by the novelty of such a “just because” thing. It is called a S’more Making Thing (or something like that) and it is cool. The fact is I needed one of these, but the realization only flooded mind after we used it. Why? This was the old way of toasting marshmallows in the winter.

old way

I am not suggesting anyone try this, since it obviously carries a risk of catching you on fire or burning your lips on a hot fork.

Isp is very task oriented and initiated our first s’more making activity.


What you do is light a can of chafing fuel (Sterno) in the li’l fire pit, and use fondue forks for mini weiner sticks. It is just like a tiny camp fire, without the smoke and mosquitoes. Then you lightly toast marshmallows for the s’mores.


Or catch them on fire. Whatever works. The instructions actually suggested keeping a little water tank handy to submerge flaming marshmallows in. Bizarre.

We made s’mores…


and made s’mores…

and made some more s’mores. Ood kept making them and giving them away when his own tummy was at capacity. A fair number of marshmallows were consumed sans the chocolate and graham, as Tood demonstrates here:
I think this is as close to winter camping as I ever want to come.

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that’s the rebel in me

See how I intentionally missed the last two days of NaBloPoMo? I am such a rule breaker. Oh yeah, I love living on the edge! Nobody’s telling me what to do! Whoo!


I am done having hair for a while, it is just too much hassle.

new hair

I was hoping my new ‘do would make me a wonderful alto, you know, Annie Lennox? But I don’t sound any different. Maybe if I colored it red…

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cat wash

Partly because the Baby is now mobile, partly because it’s winter so he’ll be indoors most of the time, and partly for revenge over the vomit, I finally “winterized” the Fuzz.

worm med

First the worm pill. Open wide! He loves this part.

claw clip

Next the pedicure. He’s just grateful I’m not poking a worm pill down his throat anymore.


And finally the bath with lavender baby soap, nice and relaxing.

cat wash

Given his obsession for seeking out the warmest spaces in the house, I don’t see what the big deal is getting dunked in warm water. Apparantly it’s not the same.

soggy fuzz

After quick towel the pathetic creature escapes, looking like a mangy rat. The kids laugh themselves silly as he tries to shake water off all four paws at once, but his dignity is injured. He’d prefer to lick himself dry, thank you, and I’m happy to let him.

Lucky cat.

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Sweet Feet

After I made the appointment with the ophthalmologist (Ha! Spelled it again with no spellcheck!) on Monday I could tell I would be needing something by the time the week was out. Something to de-stress, but not something that would clutter the top of my piano or make my fanny even more giant. I went out on a limb (for me) and tried something I had never done before… can you guess?

before feet

Yes! I dragged my stinky old tootsies in for a pedicure! Now, being a virgin to the whole stranger-touching-my-feet concept, I walked in with a little trepidation. Would “Krysta” laugh at my groadie old feet? Wrinkle up her nose? Tell me to get outside and hose off before I bring those things inside?


Actually, no, she didn’t even seemed fazed as she plunked my clod hoppers into a hot bath of sea salts and suds. Oh! So divine! By the time she had worked her magic on my lower extremeties my feet were lovely and the rest of me felt pretty rejuvinated too. My favorite part was the peach scented exfoliant and foot cream: it reminded me of Sploosh from that book Holes. I’m thinking about changing careers to become a foot model now:

after feet

(Actually, this photo doesn’t do them justice, because I took it tonight after being shod all evening. But still, that’s better than a poke in the eye!)


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