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Make yer own ying

Hoo boy, I’ve been busy. Enjoy some Chef Ood, recorded by his cool cousin.


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Birth of a dwarf

little dwarfDid I ever mention that we are dwarves, born from rocks?

The miracle of birth. And what do we call the baby now? Hrm.

Taken at City of Rocks over Labor Day

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I  just had the craziest thought. What if I blogged again? What if I blogged every day in November and it was so awesome the whole world erupted in bright colors?

Stay tuned!

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latest trends

Some of you have been wondering what to wear as the seasons begin to change. Naturally, we look to the avant-garde trend setters in the fashion world to let us know what is around the corner in style. Ood’s paparazzi recently spotted him wearing this:

Belts. Not just for waists anymore.

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