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I don’t know why I ever bother making New Years resolutions, right in the thick of the darkest and bleakest days of winter, but I do. My resolutions are invariably of the same genre: get organized with a sprinkling of getting in shape. I always give them a good college try too. But you must remember that my college days were spent gorging on pizza, shopping for makeup, and indulging in all-night cram sessions for whatever it was I studied. By mid-February I cannot remember what the color green looks like, let alone which closet I was going to create a haven of clutter-freeness from. Thank heavens for March 4.

When I was a kid we would always spend a few seconds marching about and often make a dessert in honor of the pun. Now that I look grownup it has become a day of re-commitment, of marching forth, often accompanied by dessert, usually cake. March 4 is the day for knowing that whatever storms may roll in, the worst ones are over. There may be snowy gray clouds today, but odds are tomorrow will be sunny and slushy. We shed a couple blankets from the beds. We clean a closet we had forgotten we were supposed to, just because. March 4 reminds me what green looks like, I can smell the approaching sun.

I always make a few goals for the coming Spring on this day. What am I Marching Forth to do this year? I am going to exercise every weekday for three months! Who’s with me?? <crickets chirping>


For those who only come here for photos of the Baby:

This little face got foody, this little face came clean.

I should write nursery rhymes for a living. And yes, she is saying “quack quack!” quack

Notice that her security item that day was a toothpaste lid. Blankies are highly overrated.


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I’ve been hearing complaints that I don’t blog often enough anymore. Ninety-four percent of those complaints are coming from my own mouth to any available whine-listener. But for you two gripers who are not me (you know who you are) I just want to say, I love you too. I still go though my days with intermittent aha! moments whenever I see potential blog fodder. I’m just trying to work on that “responsible list” that I get so behind on, so sometimes the fun has to wait. However, I aim to increase the frequency of the fodder becoming feed (RSS anyone?) so hold on to your buckets. In fact, now that I’ve made a quasi-commitment to posting with regularity, I see some very good material dealing with my lack of consistency coming in a couple weeks. And now for a random photo.


Isp won.

I am always highly entertained by the search engine terms people use to stumble here. Yesterday someone landed here after searching “moldy broccoli.” I thought that was a coincidence, because although I haven’t blogged about moldy broccoli yet, it is something I usually keep in the frig, so someday I probably will. I wonder why one person searched “whack my spouse,” and I wonder if the person who searched “picture of my fanny” ever found a therapist. Some search terms are so original I have to try them out myself, like “soapy mouth fun” and “animals sculpture out of food.” I want to put an understanding arm around the people who search “baby cataract” and apologize to those looking for “how to become a foot model” that they will find no help here. My favorite search ever was: “this is the reason enough to smile.” I sure hope so!

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What have I been up to for the past week now that I don’t have to blog anymore? Sleep. I’m trying to keep diurnal hours now, and regular sleep has added a modicum of sanity to my daily, uh, day. Also, I’ve been doing other sensational mother stuff that would be too fabulous to blog about, ‘cuz everybody would get so jealous. Well, if you must know…

I cleaned out one of my cupboards. I really love spending a couple hours on a job only to find it looks pretty much the same as it did to begin with. Can you tell which is before and which is after?

nice and chaoticnice and neat

I helped you cheat by putting them in order. You will just have to trust me that it is now more organized and clean. But it was all worthwhile because in the far recesses of an upper shelf rested a yam, not from a few weeks ago but from a year and a few weeks ago! And it wasn’t moldy, no, it was full of life! Beautifully alive! Here on the freshly scrubbed shelf, I captured its elegance:

Then I tossed it.

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Chef Ood

As the holidays approach, I think we all get in the mood for some festive recipes. Luckily, Chef Ood has been in the kitchen whipping up something totally new and exciting.


No, it is not that cold in our house. Remember Ood is also a fashion expert; everybody will be wearing fleece hats indoors next season. Anyway. This little dish, invented and cooked up by Ood, was written down by Pi to be sure we could replicate it next time we have guests for dinner:

Ood’s Recipe

Get a silver dish. Pour milk in dish. Dump peanuts in dish. Place four broccoli trees in. Stir with a wire whisk. Let it sit for five minutes. Enjoy!


And as long as we are talking about enjoyable food, I had a proud mother moment today. The children were gathered around the table for shepherds pie when Ood hungrily scooped into his potatoes with his little finger. “Potatoes are pinkie food,” he informed the others, who were all too happy to follow suit.

I wondered where he learned such a thing? Turns out it was from me. I had reheated some mashed potatoes for him the other day, and I checked them for warmth when they came out of the microwave with my little finger. I’m sure I licked my finger off on my way to the sink to wash my hands, being civilized and all. That Ood, he’s an observant student.

So, anybody want to have dinner with us?



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Mud Pi

Here’s a photo of Pi from five years ago, shortly after we moved here.

Pi submerged herself in the bog that was our yard before we had grass. I still am not sure what kind of mother allows this sort of behavior, or worse, what sort of mother has no regrets when looking at this photo.

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cat wash

Partly because the Baby is now mobile, partly because it’s winter so he’ll be indoors most of the time, and partly for revenge over the vomit, I finally “winterized” the Fuzz.

worm med

First the worm pill. Open wide! He loves this part.

claw clip

Next the pedicure. He’s just grateful I’m not poking a worm pill down his throat anymore.


And finally the bath with lavender baby soap, nice and relaxing.

cat wash

Given his obsession for seeking out the warmest spaces in the house, I don’t see what the big deal is getting dunked in warm water. Apparantly it’s not the same.

soggy fuzz

After quick towel the pathetic creature escapes, looking like a mangy rat. The kids laugh themselves silly as he tries to shake water off all four paws at once, but his dignity is injured. He’d prefer to lick himself dry, thank you, and I’m happy to let him.

Lucky cat.

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next to do

Watch out, Fuzz, you are on my list. I already have your worm pills, and a bottle of lavender baby shampoo. Your time is coming, there is no escape. MWA HA HA HA HA!

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