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cat wash

Partly because the Baby is now mobile, partly because it’s winter so he’ll be indoors most of the time, and partly for revenge over the vomit, I finally “winterized” the Fuzz.

worm med

First the worm pill. Open wide! He loves this part.

claw clip

Next the pedicure. He’s just grateful I’m not poking a worm pill down his throat anymore.


And finally the bath with lavender baby soap, nice and relaxing.

cat wash

Given his obsession for seeking out the warmest spaces in the house, I don’t see what the big deal is getting dunked in warm water. Apparantly it’s not the same.

soggy fuzz

After quick towel the pathetic creature escapes, looking like a mangy rat. The kids laugh themselves silly as he tries to shake water off all four paws at once, but his dignity is injured. He’d prefer to lick himself dry, thank you, and I’m happy to let him.

Lucky cat.


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next to do

Watch out, Fuzz, you are on my list. I already have your worm pills, and a bottle of lavender baby shampoo. Your time is coming, there is no escape. MWA HA HA HA HA!

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