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I asked Pi to get the baby dressed, and rather than choosing, you know, clothes, this is what she came up with:

“Oh please! Mr. Tiger, don’t eat me up, and I’ll give you my beautiful tie dyed bandana plus a little sass to boot.”


Not to be outdone, here is Ood a couple weeks ago

sporting manly pajama pants on his head, what else? The world looks to Ood when they are wondering what to wear–especially for fancy occasions like holidays.


Thumbing through these photos, I kept wondering where these people get their idea of what makes a legitimate outfit? Of course, this is what I dressed the baby in the day Ood chose a raccoon suit:

Nice tie dye, no? Especially with those clown socks, I think. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Pi is publishing her novella in her blog!!! Read the first chapter and a half here.


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creative play

My children’s creative use of toys gives me a glimpse into the inner workings of their young minds.

Mr. Potato Head has hairy armpits.

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Tood is asleep now, but in a few minutes I’m going to wake him again to spoon some water into his lips and perhaps feed him a bite of yogurt. Just before I got up this morning he had to race to the bathroom for what would be the first of fourteen quadrillion hard purges. Poor guy. It’s not fun being sick.

Friday and Saturday the children’s choir Tood sings in hosted a big choirfest, which was a wonderful and exhausting festival for his and some visiting choirs. You can see they are wearing their various performance clothing in this photo of their final concert.

They are just getting on the risers here. Tood is easy to spot, because not only is he the cutest, he is also the smartest (and perhaps he is also the shortest.) They sang many fun songs, including a long scene scene from Ahmal and the Night Visitors with opera students from the university singing the lead parts, and an entire children’s opera The Emperor’s New Clothes, also with university cast playing the leads. I thought it was amazing they could put together such a polished program in only two days.
The choirs also sang a few songs individually.


I love the clear, beautiful sound of this children’s choir and always get choked up when they start to sing. Maybe it sounds like this when angelsl sing, at least I imagine. It is a good fit for Tood, and I am proud of him.

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Wait, Haiku Friday!
The clock says it’s a bit late.


receding slowly
mountains of snow grow porous
revealing treasures


Why did no one tell
that this was available
instead of strained peas?

(I know, I know, I just posted a foody baby face. It’s refreshing to see a theme begin to emerge from this blog, no?)

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grandma's hearing aid

…and then is reluctant to give them back. Whether worn as a game or a fashion statement, we cannot tell, but it certainly takes a very kind and patient Grandmother to entertain these whims.

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Baby walks

Eleven months is really not very long.

ten daysclose

Just enough time to blink, really, to exhale. A moment, a pause, a flicker. It is barely time to even notice.

But eleven months is enough time to walk. Yes, walk! And it’s enough time to unload every dish towel from the drawer, to learn to say “Daddy” and “bird” and “quack quack” (but not “Mamma”) and to track down and eat tiny crumbs of day-old cheerio or lint from the kitchen floor.


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Okay, I’ve had my little blog break. NaBloPoMo was naturally followed by NoBloPoMo. I was meaning to blog over the holidays (har) so just think of this as my way of prolonging the holiday spirit.

We had a joyous and rambunctious Christmas. That is, after we got the Christmas card photo shoot over with. My patient nature and fine photography skills, combined with my compliant and docile brood, make this a well loved holiday tradition. At first we attempted a Christmas tree tableau, complete with stylish basket of junk in the background.

um, no

Take one. We took forteen bazillion more. That “tortured boredom” expression on Pi’s face was in every single shot until I finally made clear that she was to look happy in the next one or die.

did she smile?

So much for my threats. Isp and Ood couldn’t help but watch Pi to see if she would smile, though. Oh well, that light was bad anyway.

Plan B: the five pointed star. I quickly swept a portion of kitchen floor…


Pi cleverly found something to do with her mouth, since smiling was still out of the question. Tood deserves a medal for forcing a smile while The Baby screeches in his ear and pulls his hair, doesn’t he?

I believe I only took four shots in this pose, and lo! We had our winner! You can just imagine me towering above and whooping like a gleeful lunatic to get that Baby to crack a smile.

good 'nuf!


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