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After Easter

Wondering what to do with all those boxes of peeps you hoarded under your bed so the kids wouldn’t find them? (C’mon! I know we’ve all got them!)

peep brûlée

Mmmmm, mmmm!


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Would you look at this? A mainstream TV show depicting a family with four children and both a mother and father. Now there’s something you don’t see much.

As long as we are wasting time on YouTube, my little Star Wars fans loved this one!

I’ll post my own blog material tomorrow, though, k?

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eschew obfuscation

I am not always a sagacious potentate endeavoring to succor my progeny. What I consider benevolence is considered by them parsimony. My new rule of keeping the game boys out of the bedrooms has caused the lachrymonius bunch to weep until their eyes are tumid. Will they die of ennui?

I’ve been playing the vocabulary game at Free Rice, where my level hovers around 38/39. See what a good writer it makes me? Plus proceeds from their ads go to the UN World Food Program, so playing is also doing a good deed.


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