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When I was a kid I played the euphonium, an instrument about as well known as the hurdy gurdy. For reasons I cannot now explain, I got pretty good at it and went to college on euphonium scholarship, eventually dropping it and dropping out to pursue life as a loser.


My niece, Jo, turned me on to the music of The Arcade Fire this summer. I was looking at some video of them on youtube last night, when lo! what should appear in the lower right hand corner at 1:04? A euphonium! Playing Neon Bible!

At first I thought I should have become an indie rocker too, since I happen to have that skill. But then I remembered they also sometimes play the hurdy gurdy.


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new hair, old camera

Stephanie wanted to see my sort of new look. Fear me.

Also pictured is one reason for my long blog absence. That stupid camera was really nice when I got it eight years ago, but now it won’t hold a charge for even 5 minutes (see, it is plugged in so I could take my own photo there.)

But another reason I’ve been gone so long, Steph, since you are the one who has been bugging me to come back, is that I think my tone has changed. Maybe you won’t like it. Read at your own risk.

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