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swear weirds

Swear words are strictly taboo in this family. Yes, I am a prude. But Isp is a kid who likes to push his limits. From the back seat of the car I heard him taunt, “I’m going to swear. Hhh…. eeeeh…”

“If you say a swear word, I will wash your mouth out with a soapy washcloth, ” I reminded him.

He protested, “But my teacher says those words!”

I was caught off guard. “Really? When?”

“When we are doing P.E. she says, ‘in hell, ex hell.”


Ood’s been at it again! This time play dough.

stir the pot

Dissolve ½ cup salt in 1 ½ cup boiling water. Stir in 1 Tbsp. alum, 2 Tbsp. salad oil, and 2 cups flour. Mix ’til lumpy, knead ’til smooth. Break into pieces and knead in food color until desired shades are reached. (For single color, add food color to boiling water.)

play dough




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What have I been up to for the past week now that I don’t have to blog anymore? Sleep. I’m trying to keep diurnal hours now, and regular sleep has added a modicum of sanity to my daily, uh, day. Also, I’ve been doing other sensational mother stuff that would be too fabulous to blog about, ‘cuz everybody would get so jealous. Well, if you must know…

I cleaned out one of my cupboards. I really love spending a couple hours on a job only to find it looks pretty much the same as it did to begin with. Can you tell which is before and which is after?

nice and chaoticnice and neat

I helped you cheat by putting them in order. You will just have to trust me that it is now more organized and clean. But it was all worthwhile because in the far recesses of an upper shelf rested a yam, not from a few weeks ago but from a year and a few weeks ago! And it wasn’t moldy, no, it was full of life! Beautifully alive! Here on the freshly scrubbed shelf, I captured its elegance:

Then I tossed it.

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that’s the rebel in me

See how I intentionally missed the last two days of NaBloPoMo? I am such a rule breaker. Oh yeah, I love living on the edge! Nobody’s telling me what to do! Whoo!


I am done having hair for a while, it is just too much hassle.

new hair

I was hoping my new ‘do would make me a wonderful alto, you know, Annie Lennox? But I don’t sound any different. Maybe if I colored it red…

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