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Chef Ood

As the holidays approach, I think we all get in the mood for some festive recipes. Luckily, Chef Ood has been in the kitchen whipping up something totally new and exciting.


No, it is not that cold in our house. Remember Ood is also a fashion expert; everybody will be wearing fleece hats indoors next season. Anyway. This little dish, invented and cooked up by Ood, was written down by Pi to be sure we could replicate it next time we have guests for dinner:

Ood’s Recipe

Get a silver dish. Pour milk in dish. Dump peanuts in dish. Place four broccoli trees in. Stir with a wire whisk. Let it sit for five minutes. Enjoy!


And as long as we are talking about enjoyable food, I had a proud mother moment today. The children were gathered around the table for shepherds pie when Ood hungrily scooped into his potatoes with his little finger. “Potatoes are pinkie food,” he informed the others, who were all too happy to follow suit.

I wondered where he learned such a thing? Turns out it was from me. I had reheated some mashed potatoes for him the other day, and I checked them for warmth when they came out of the microwave with my little finger. I’m sure I licked my finger off on my way to the sink to wash my hands, being civilized and all. That Ood, he’s an observant student.

So, anybody want to have dinner with us?




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I feel…


For the first time in many weeks, I think I’ll turn in before midnight.

As soon as I change the laundry, start the dishwasher, clear and wipe the counters and table, sweep the kitchen, look at the homeschool agenda, lay out the kids clothes for tomorrow, make sure everybody is tucked in, and turn down the heat–

Oh, here my spouse just brought me the baby. She needs her boogers sucked out, her diaper changed, to be nursed back to sleep.

I didn’t really want to go to bed anyway.

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Mud Pi

Here’s a photo of Pi from five years ago, shortly after we moved here.

Pi submerged herself in the bog that was our yard before we had grass. I still am not sure what kind of mother allows this sort of behavior, or worse, what sort of mother has no regrets when looking at this photo.

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cat wash

Partly because the Baby is now mobile, partly because it’s winter so he’ll be indoors most of the time, and partly for revenge over the vomit, I finally “winterized” the Fuzz.

worm med

First the worm pill. Open wide! He loves this part.

claw clip

Next the pedicure. He’s just grateful I’m not poking a worm pill down his throat anymore.


And finally the bath with lavender baby soap, nice and relaxing.

cat wash

Given his obsession for seeking out the warmest spaces in the house, I don’t see what the big deal is getting dunked in warm water. Apparantly it’s not the same.

soggy fuzz

After quick towel the pathetic creature escapes, looking like a mangy rat. The kids laugh themselves silly as he tries to shake water off all four paws at once, but his dignity is injured. He’d prefer to lick himself dry, thank you, and I’m happy to let him.

Lucky cat.

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Re: Thanksgiving

I could make a list of all the things I’m thankful for, and it would be long. I would put sunshine, internet, and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that can take permanent marker off maple cabinets. We have freedom and all of life’s necessities like running water and microwave ovens. I am thankful for Dutch chocolate with little hazelnut nougat flecks in it. And also the kind that has creamy truffle chocolate in the middle. And also the kind that is shaped like little coins, presumably for easy insertion into one’s mouth.

And yet, if I were to put it all on a pie graph (a pumpkin pie graph?) 99.9% of my Thankful List would be family. I am thankful for right now, in this fragile existence, that I have my loving spouse, beautiful children full of life, kind parents, and close knit extended family. Without them, what else would matter?


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next to do

Watch out, Fuzz, you are on my list. I already have your worm pills, and a bottle of lavender baby shampoo. Your time is coming, there is no escape. MWA HA HA HA HA!

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Yes, the laundry room was a disaster. I knew it and I was going to get to it one of these days. Just not yet. There are more important things to do, you know, like eating gummy worms and browsing blogs. And let’s not forget actual laundry. Besides, the door could still close, so it wasn’t too bad yet (snort.)


Then this afternoon I stumbled in to cat barf! Gag! It was either clean the wretched hole or burn down that portion of my home.

cat barf

And it wasTackle it Tuesday.”


La! I even took the extra slats off the blinds. Somebody give me a sticker on my forehead.

What is a blog for, if not to parade your slovenliness?

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