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I have tonsillitis. Yes, I’m sick! I’m too sick to be effective, but not sick enough to warrant an entire day in bed, which I believe would require hospitalization. My fever from all night finally broke after a long sleep-in, so I figured I was well enough to go to church. (Note the lack of clear headedness right there.)
Ten minutes before we had to be at church (because I lead the music) the baby was wailing because I had put a dress over her head instead of nursed her to sleep for her afternoon nap. I gave her a two minute nip and buckled her into her car seat to only mild protests. Ordering everyone into the car I took a quick inventory: Tood still needed to comb his hair, none of the boys’ shirts were tucked in, Ood had forgotten where he had placed his shoes and was hungry, and Pi was hunched over some sculpy. We made it on time, but Ood came in the church with stocking feet and carrying his Sunday shoes (had had downed a dish Marshmallow Mateys before we left, though) and Isp just managed to tuck in his shirt as we scurried through the parking lot. Derek, who goes early for meetings, had put the numbers up for me. The baby practically flew into his arms, and I raced up to the stand for the opening hymn. That’s cutting it a bit close. On the plus side, I never once yelled (remember, the tonsillitis.)
Ahh, the Sabbath, day of rest.


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Pi’s dragons

My mind, it is a thousand feathers and a blow dryer, but I am not resigned.


I rage against the blow dryer! (I believe it stayed clean for nearly 3.7 minutes.)

Okay, by popular demand (one person) here are some fabulous sculpey-instead-of-homework creations by Pi herself, the self-proclaimed “Master of Puny Sculptures”.

A year or so ago she was into animals:

She also became rather skilled at food:

But there must have been a rapid spurt of fantasy brain development when she turned eleven because since then she has focused almost exclusively on dragons. They are rather wonderful, all painted with sparkly fingernail polish.


She also loves them, and has dedicated a little shrine to them.


The idea of selling any of these dragons is only slightly more repulsive to Pi than selling a younger brother. They are each named and feature in various literary works, plus they are needed in the shrine. However, she is warming up to the idea of making new dragons for cash. She has agreed to make one for a classmate in exchange for $3.50. I’m thinking in a couple years she will rule Etsy.

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Last Lovely Days

Ood is a capable kid.



darwin autumn

Fashion expert.

He also insists he can drive, totally convinced that he is old enough and knows how. I hang the car keys up high and live in fear.

Couple days ago, I was doing some school with Tood when I heard peals of laughter coming from the bathroom.

“Oh, no,” I said.

“What’s the matter?” Tood asked.

“Nothing that is allowed in the bathroom could possibly be that funny.” I ran to check.

There, totally unabashed, were Ood and Isp hucking soggy wads of toilet paper onto the ceiling, breaking into hysterics with each slurping smack. They beamed with pride, standing precariously on the counter in order to make the height. The mirror, floor, and walls were spattered with water and tp that didn’t fling quite high enough. The thing is, they invented this activity. Neither of them had ever seen another person play that sport, yes, I am sure. I always suspected these types of behaviors to be embedded in the Y chromosome, and this was proof positive. Clever lads. I tried to look mad and not laugh. Still, I think they enjoyed seeing me knock the clumps down with a sponge mop, and they were happy to oblige when I sternly told them to throw away the mess they had made. I’m just not convinced they understood that such an activity was against the Rules after all was said and done…

The above photo of Ood was taken on what seems to have been the Last Lovely Day of the year. I’m so glad we opted for a very long bike ride that morning.

ready tp ride

Isn’t the Baby’s Halloween costume perfect as a bunting? That is the tight wad in me. I certainly couldn’t buy it for her only to have her wear it once! Ood took along some remote controls so he could covertly maneuver my bicycle from the trailer: Must…ride…to…ice…cream…shop.


Here’s Tood revving up. It pays to be a homeschooler on days like this. Isp and Pi missed it.


He’s a speedy one; gives me a run for my money when we go together. I loved the way the yellow leaves tumbled down all around us and crackled under our tires as we rode…

The next day the sky was crowded with thick, gloomy, concrete-colored clouds, which still remain. Bleh. I hate winter very, very, very much. Very much! Brrr! Why didn’t we settle in Arizona? Or Belize? At least I’ve got days like this to see me through until Spring.

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mei tai

I have had a little blog break this week. Too many stupid, garbagey, stressful things that I hate, which is so unfair because everyone knows blog breaks are supposed to be for vacationing in Europe. (My winning, can-do character always shines through during times of stress.) It’s at times like these that sometimes little, puny things are the difference between, well, something preferable and something else. Like muddling through one more day, or losing your marbles all over the kitchen floor.

“I’m all sad and grumpy because I need a mei tai and I don’t have one.”

“What’s a mei tai?”

“It’s a kind of baby carrier.”

You know, I needed one. NEEDED one, because even the most perfect baby sling in the world is not always what you want, or what your baby wants. What you want sometimes is a mei tai.
Unfortunately it was past bedtime, and the all-night mei tai shop has not opened a franchise in my po-dunk town. The sewing machine wanted to be resurrected. I’m embarrassed to admit that the only appropriate fabric I had in copious quantities was corduroy and sheet, and we’ve all seen just about enough of that lately. But what can be done? The pattern looked simple enough. Surely it wouldn’t take too long. I plunged in at an obscenely late hour. I just couldn’t face another day without a mei tai! I will not speak how long it took, but the sun rose on a new baby carrier for me. La!

mei tai

The baby and I, we both adore this. It’s so comfy.


Absolutely love.



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flakey tooth fairy

This post about the tooth fairy made me laugh good and hard! It reminded me of my favorite tooth fairy story, which really happened to a friend of mine. It’s too funny not to share:

Sam, 9, was down in the dumps as he trudged out to breakfast because the tooth fairy had failed to appear for the 4th night in a row. His big sister, Katie, chided him, “Oh, Sam! Don’t you know Mom’s the tooth fairy?”

Sam looked at his mother in stunned disbelief before blurting out, “Where did you get all that money??? And what do you do with all those teeth???

Imagine! Having The tooth fairy for your very own mother!

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scarecrows among us

I was absorbed in an article last night, so I only half-heard Isp walk up and ask, “Mommy?” I glanced up absently…


Oh, he got me! An impromptu scarecrow! Funny guy. I’m going to tuck that into my “emergency Halloween costume” file for sure. Actually, my latest little sewing project would be good scarecrow garb too. Digging through my stash of second-hand patterns, these trousers looked too easy to pass up (only two pieces, no side seams) even if they were technically pajama pants. I made a pair for Ood:


Who would have guessed? They look like corduroy pajama pants! I actually call them his “hobo trousers.” As with most things I attempt they turned out crummy, but how can I help but be proud? Here was free, scavenged fabric, and lo! winter pants to be worn only at home have appeared! So I put my sewing machine away, back to the dungeon. If I feel crafty again, ever, I’ll be getting out my box of fabric dyes instead because that is something I sometimes don’t totally suck at. At the moment, however, I feel I have done enough crafting to be a bona fide female for at least the next three months and possibly much, much longer.


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