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potterYou know what I have been up to, because it is the same thing you have been doing. The whole world seems to be quietly reading Harry Potter. I won’t be a spoiler and blab my favorite parts, but I will say what a satisfying ending to all the years. Yay, finally!

Deep summer: my favorite season! I could happily live in July all year, and by the looks of things I’m not the only one:

Remember these? The epitome of summer. I yearned to join my 3rd child as he dove down the slip n’ slide, but being more brittle than I was at 6 I thought it unwise. (We’d be re-naming it the crash n’ cry if I tried.) Ahh, July. This is also the season of my sisters’ and parents’ family campout. Three days of lazy conversation, feasts, cousins hunting bugs together, and monsters outside the tent. (Anybody can sight Yetti, but how many people have spied the elusive crock-a-dog?)

Now that we are home, how many days will it take to finally get all this stuff put away?


My projects are shrinking, I’m now focusing on items which can be created in 20 minutes or less, like this little cell phone cozy:

This is just a garter stitch pouch with a crocheted handle and button. I’m thinking about making another one all crochet, the knit is a little stretchy for my taste, but the pouch is working just like I hoped it would.


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I began this blog with very good intentions to post often, so of course the day after I got started my computer died! You know how some elderly folks are afraid to push any keys on their computers for fear of making the things blow up? I must have found those keys, because mine turned itself off (smelling faintly of burning plastic!) and would not turn back on without a vacation to the mac fix-it shop. Bleh.

The baby is four months old already. Four months!! It hardly seems possible– my waist still thinks she was born last week.


She finally fits this wonderful little set my friend Mandy made for her. (Thank you so much again, Mandy.) I really am so fond of these sweet baby days. Sorting through some old books downstairs yesterday, I found an old copy of What to Expect the First Year and took just a moment to glance at its pages. What a weird book! It was full of sage advice like, if you haven’t left your baby with a sitter by three months you probably won’t get out until she goes to college etc. Good grief, it’s no wonder I was such a stress case with my first baby with that kind of “help.” That book had better go to the DI, only I’m not sure I’d want to wish it on anyone.


Here child#2 is sanding a block of balsa wood into the shape of a rocket for cub scouts Rocket Derby. He quite enjoyed pulling the sandpaper away with a flourish so a momentary cloud of sawdust hung in the air. Although we did finally end up with a usable (sort of) rocket, I enjoyed making the little boats for Rain Gutter Regatta much better last year…

I’m up to some fun stuff too, but given the insane hour, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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bag lady

My first post!

I needed a bag to tote books/music in. Googling for a pattern, I stumbled upon this gem at tiny happy. Oh, oh, oh!!


I was so inspired by tiny happy, I actually went to the DI and found an old (dare I say vintage?) table cloth and some bed sheets to construct it. All of the fabric is recycled. What do you think?


I made the button out of sculpey. I like how the orange fabric is sheer so you can see the stripe of the lining inside, although that may not lend itself to durability. At least the lining is sturdy, which is what will take the most abuse in this case.

I needed this blog so I could share. If that’s not reason enough, I don’t know what is.

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